Heatmax Circulation Heaters

Circulation heaters (also called inline heaters) are typically constructed of a flanged or screw-plug immersion heater coated in a layer of insulation and installed in a mating tank or vessel. Industrial circulation heaters are used to quickly heat high viscosity liquids or gases through the process of localized heating – ideally for side-arm or inline industrial applications. Circulation heaters allow for highly efficient heat transfer rates, even heat distribution, accurate process temperature control and minimized heat loss as a medium flows past the heating element. At Heatmax, we’ve engineered the most dependable inline heaters in the industry, suitable for use in virtually any application. Every inline heater assembly comes standard with heating elements, insulated pipe vessels, terminal enclosures, mounting blocks, inlet/outlet connections and a drain plug so you can begin heating the medium of your choice with ease. In addition, we’re capable of designing and engineering a custom circulation heater for your specific application, as well as replicating an existing design for an exact replacement and retrofitting of your current oil or water circulation heater.

Inline Heater Features

We manufacture each circulation heater with the features you want to benefit your application the most.

Easy Installation & Upkeep

With a compact design convenient for use in tight spaces, circulation heaters minimize time and labor during installation and maintenance processes to provide a ready-made means of heating your medium.


Our inline heaters are engineered with durability in mind so you can heat any medium without fear of malfunctioning equipment. We offer an optional galvanized steel outer jacket to protect both your insulation, vessel and vessel materials that include carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium so you can evenly heat mildly corrosive mediums.


Circulation heaters from Heatmax are compatible with a wide range of ANSI flanges NPT Pipe fittings or ferrule clamps to fit your existing connectors.

Customizable Options for Heatmax Circulation Heaters

If your application requires specificity in design, Heatmax has the capabilities to design and engineer a custom inline heater based on your medium, target heat and dimensional requirements. If you require a circulation heater for your exact application, submit a picture or rough sketch of your unique application for a custom solution.

Wattage & Watt Densities

Our custom inline heaters can be designed with requested watt density ratings up to 120 W/in2 and wattage within engineering limitations.


Custom circulation heaters can be supplied up to 600V.


Single and double-pole thermostats are available with a custom circulation heater to provide process temperature control – typically mounted in the terminal enclosure.

Sheath Materials

Available sheath materials for custom inline heaters are based on immersion heater type. Screw plug circulation heaters and flanged circulation heaters are available with copper, stainless steel, titanium, and Incoloy sheath materials, as well as specialty alloys such as Hastelloy, Incoloy 600, Monel and Alloy 20.

Typical Applications for Circulation Heaters

Inline heaters offer a wide range of uses for particular industries. Standard circulation heater applications include:

  • Water circulation heaters for deionized, demineralized, potable and process water, as well as industrial water rinse tanks
  • Oil circulation heaters for hydraulic oil, crude oil, asphalt, lubricating oils and heat transfer oil
  • Paraffin
  • Caustic cleaners
  • Nitrogen, hydrogen and other air/gas systems
  • Superheating steam

Technical Drawing for Flanged Circulation Heaters

Consult an Expert for a Circulation Heater at Heatmax Heaters

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