Sanitary Flanged Immersion Heaters use a ferrule clamp to allow for quick and easy installation or removal for cleaning. Heatmax has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to create custom sanitary flanged heaters to meet the specific requirements of your project and application. Available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, wattages, and designs, each sanitary flanged heater element can be used to heat aqueous solutions including water, heat transfer fluids, corrosive solutions, and oil. Learn more about the features and capabilities of our custom-made sanitary flanged immersion heaters.


Sanitary Flanged Heater Features

Sanitary flanged heaters to fit your requirements, including different sizes, materials, and wattage.

Quick Disconnect

Sanitary flanged immersion heaters use a ferrule clamp, sometimes called a tri-clamp, to connect to a vessel or pipe, allowing it to be quickly disconnected for cleaning.

For Strict Cleanliness

Sanitary flanged heaters are often used in industries where strict cleanliness is required including the Food, Dairy, Beverage, Medical, and Life Sciences industries.

Customizable Specifications for Sanitary Flanged Heaters

Each sanitary flanged immersion heater is designed to fit your requirements, including various sizes, materials, and wattages.


Sanitary flanged heater voltage can be supplied up to 600V.

Wattage & Watt Densities

Sanitary flanged heaters can have customized wattage and watt densities depending on the size of the flange and engineering limitations.

Quick Disconnect Fitting Sizes

Ferrule clamp fittings available in 2”, 2½”, 3”, 4”, and 6” sizes for our custom sanitary flanged immersion heaters.


Each sanitary flanged heater element length can be built to fit the required space.

Element Sheath Material

Sanitary flanged heater element material is available in Stainless Steel to accommodate the demands of strict cleanliness requirements.

Element Numbers

Element configurations of 1 to 6 are available for our sanitary flanged immersion heaters.

Terminal Boxes

NEMA 1, NEMA 4, and NEMA 4/7/9 boxes are available for our custom-made sanitary flanged heaters.

Thermostat, Thermocouples and Thermowell

Sanitary flanged heaters with a thermostat are available upon request.


Electro-Polishing removes surface imperfections and contaminants from the stainless steel sheath of the sanitary flanged heater element. Especially in medical and food applications, electro-polishing is an effective solution for preventing corrosion and possible contamination of your test material.

Technical Drawings of Sanitary Flanged Immersion Heaters

We Can Help You Build a Custom Sanitary Flanged Immersion Heater

Talk to the sales engineers at Heatmax about your industry and application. Our in-house team of designers and manufacturers will create a sanitary flanged immersion heater that meets the demands of your specific requirements. With nearly 70 years of collective experience, we know what it takes to build a quality sanitary flanged heater for the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries.

Ask A Sanitary Flanged Heater Expert


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