Titanium Heaters

Resistance to corrosion from various acids, chemicals and sea water makes the titanium heater an essential piece of equipment in many diverse industries. Maybe you’re looking for a titanium immersion heater or a flux heater. Perhaps your operation calls for a salt water heater or titanium tank heater. Whatever your needs may be, you can count on Heatmax for the reliable, high-quality equipment for your application.

Who Needs a Titanium Heater?

We serve several industries that require different types of titanium heaters for their operations. From metal plating to aquaculture, we provide professional, safe heating solutions that are as durable as they are reliable.

Hydrochloric Acid Heater For Plating

The metal plating industry uses titanium heaters to bring hydrochloric acid baths up to temperature. Titanium is uniquely resistant to the corrosive properties of hydrochloric acid, which would otherwise corrode stainless steel or PTFE, making it the ideal solution for this application.

Titanium Flux Heater for the Galvanizing and Wire Industry

Flux contains zinc chloride and ammonium chloride, two corrosive substances that need to be handled carefully. Our titanium heater resists corrosion from these two chemical compounds to get the job done.

Titanium Heater For Commercial Aquariums and Aquaculture

Titanium heaters are corrosion-resistant in saltwater and freshwater, making them the ideal solution for commercial aquariums, aquaculture businesses and fish farms.

Desalination Heater For Ships

Large vessels require desalination titanium water heaters for their onboard systems. The performance of these titanium heaters in saltwater conditions makes them the perfect choice.

Waste Water Heater For Treatment Plants

The abundance of minerals, chlorine, salt, and other chemicals in wastewater treatment plants calls for a titanium solution. Titanium water heaters can handle chlorides and other tough chemicals, such as acids that may be used to clean waste water.

Steel Pickling Heat Exchanger For The Steel Industry

Corrosive acids are used by the steel industry to remove impurities, rust and scale from the surface hot rolled steel to make it easier to work with. Titanium technology is a must-have when it comes to steel pickling. Titanium heater’s anti-corrosive properties, allows for immersion heating of corrosive acids.

Choose Heatmax For Your Next Titanium Heater

In addition to the above applications, titanium’s unique corrosion-resistant properties make it a critical part of a vast array of specialized applications in industry and manufacturing. Every one of our highly crafted titanium heaters is manufactured by our family-owned company here in America. You’ll get a fair price for a great product at Heatmax. Get free expert advice from Heatmax Heaters to find the titanium heater that’s right for your application.

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