Custom Air Heater Systems With Efficient Duct Heater Elements

If you're in need of a new custom air heater or if you need to replace a discontinued industrial air heater, you've come to the right place. At Heatmax Heaters, you can order one-of-a-kind, custom air duct heaters that are manufactured to meet your exact specifications. Whether you require a small or large heavy-duty industrial air heater for heating air and gas, dehumidification, drying, curing, annealing, baking, re-heating material, or some other heat treating process, we have the expertise you need. We manufacture our own Incoloy® sheathed tubular duct heater elements at our Mentor, Ohio location which means we know the quality materials and workmanship that go into the heart of our product. Rugged construction holds the tubular elements in place with stainless steel support rods and heavy steel flange.


Custom Air Heater Features

Air duct heaters available with special materials and custom designs that meet your varying sizes, wattages and enclosure needs.

Efficiency and Safety

Air duct heaters consistently outperform gas units in both heating efficiency and safety.

Quality Assured

An industrial air heater is only as good as its duct heater elements. At Heatmax, we manufacture and test our own Incoloy® sheathed tubular elements to ensure the reliability of our products.

Year-Round Versatility

Without the need for flues or fuel lines, and the universal availability of electricity, mean air duct heaters have an installation flexibility that gas heaters lack. Built for long term, industrial air heaters are built with long life Incoloy® sheath elements which resist corrosion/oxidation. Rock hard compacted MgO filled elements maximizes element strength, heat transfer and therefore longevity.

Customizable Specifications for Industrial Air Heater Systems


Air duct heaters can be supplied with voltages up to 600V, 1 or 3 phase.

Wattage & Watt Densities

Duct heater elements can be made to your requested watt density or overall wattage — within engineering limitations.


All air duct heaters can be produced with dimensions that match your exact space requirements. These include the length, width and height of the duct heater elements, as well.

Duct Flange Material

The duct flanges on each industrial air heater can be made with standard or stainless steel materials.

Element Sheath Material

Incoloy® is commonly used for air duct heaters, but stainless steel and specialty high-temperature alloys can also be used.

Configurations for Duct Heater Elements

Our duct heater elements can be customized in a number of ways, from 3 to 60 element configurations, to meet a range of kilowatt demands.

Technical Drawings

Request Professional Assistance on Air Duct Heaters

Need help designing a new or replacement air duct heater? Talk to the industrial air heater experts.

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