For curing, plastics processing, shrinking and thermoforming, food processing, paint and ink drying, our extrusion panel heaters offer an affordable and flexible process radiant heater solutions. Manufactured using rigid aluminum extrusion and available in various lengths, extrusion panel heaters can be mounted to form banks, tunnels, or oven sections to meet your process heating needs.

Features of Extrusion Panel Heaters

Our infrared extrusion panel heaters are modified to meet various criteria, including the size, wattage and types of materials used.

Rugged Construction

Solid, sturdy aluminum that is engineered to withstand the intense demands of industrial environments.

Quartz and Metal Tubular Elements

Whether they feature quartz tube heaters or tubular heater elements, these extrusion panel heaters are sheathed using straight or formed Incoloy® alloy.

Complete, Flexible, Modular Assembly

With a modular design and reliable, durable mounting clamps, these extrusion panel heaters can be mounted in a number of ways to accommodate work of varying dimensions.

Customizable Specifications for Extrusion Panel Heaters


Extrusion panel heaters can be modified with up to 600V.


We can adjust the wattage specifications of any extrusion panel heater, as long as they're within engineering limitations.


Our standard models typically reach 12 feet of length, but we also offer longer lengths up to 20 feet.

Number of Heating Elements

Extrusion panel heaters can feature two metal tube elements or one quartz element.


Our reflectors are made out of highly polished stainless steel.

Seek Assistance on Extrusion Panel Heaters from a Heatmax Expert

Whether you need a single mounted heater or you’re designing an entire bank of heaters, the experts at Heatmax Heaters are standing by to build your an extrusion panel heater that fits your system.

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