Glo-Quartz Infrared Quartz Heaters

Heatmax Heaters’ quartz tubular elements are a fast responding and efficient source of radiant heat. Used for sealing, fusing, sterilizing, thermoforming, drying, laminating, vulcanizing and shrink packaging. With heat-up capabilities of 50 seconds and complete cool down in 15 seconds our infrared radiant quartz heaters are an ideal heat process tool where frequent line stoppages are expected. Note our quartz tube heaters are built for industrial heat process only, not for comfort heating.

Glo-Quartz Infrared Heaters

In 1952, Heatmax Heaters got its start under the original name, Glo-Quartz. Our founder (seated, far right) named the company Glo-Quartz after his quartz tube patent. This patent became the foundation for our quartz heater’ extended product line and business.

Although we now sell our expanded product line under the Heatmax Heaters brand, we still sell Glo-Quartz infrared quartz tube heaters as a tribute to our origins. Every Glo-Quartz product we sell offers the same efficient, high performance you’ve experienced for more than half a century.

Glo Quartz

Glo-Quartz® Infrared Heater Features

Efficient, Non-Contact Heating

The quartz tube elements transmit medium wave infrared heat absorbed directly by targeted objects, making infrared quartz heaters more energy efficient than convection heating.

Cut to Length

We can quickly and carefully manufacture replacement Glo-Quartz quartz tube heaters to match your specific dimensions and project requirements.

Faster Response Time

Glo-Quartz radiant tube heaters have fast heating and cooling capabilities which give you more control over exposure. These quartz tube heaters are ideal for heating sensitive materials or managing frequent line stoppages.

Ceramic Caps

Quartz Tubular Elements use bonded ceramic caps to ensure strong support for terminations.

Operating temperature

With an operating temperature of up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit, and a medium wave which when operating at full voltage peaks at 2.5 to 4.0 microns, Glo-Quartz infrared quartz heaters have a wide range of process heat applications.

Glo Quartz

Quartz Tube Element Customizable Specifications


Glo-Quartz custom heaters can be supplied with various voltage levels up to 480V.


Quartz tube heaters can be made with custom wattage specifications up to 60 W/in2. However, we recommend 35 to 45 watts per linear inch for longer operating life and better efficiency.

Quartz Tube Lengths

We sell Glo-Quartz heaters with quartz tubes ranging from 8`` to 100`` (2540mm) in length.

Quartz Tube Diameters

Our quartz tube diameters include 3/8`` (09.5mm), 1/2`` (12.7mm) and 5/8`` (15.9mm) options for Glo-Quartz heaters.

Quartz Tube Terminals

Quartz tube terminals include plain pin, flag, wire, spade and threaded options.

Reach Out to Glo-Quartz® Professionals

For nearly 70 years, Heatmax Heaters/Glo-Quartz has maintained its reputation in the industry as a top manufacturer of custom heaters. Our team of trained engineers is capable of producing top-quality heaters that will last for years to come without losing any efficiency. When you’re ready to upgrade your heating solutions with Glo-Quartz infrared heaters, Contact us today.

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Almost 70 Years

Heatmax History

Founded by an ex-Navy engineer, George Strokes, the company got its start making quartz immersion heaters in Euclid, Ohio in 1952.

George called the company Glo-Quartz®.

Growing rapidly he moved the company to bigger premises in Willoughby and then Mentor. Other factories were opened in Pasadena, California (now closed) and then Tucson, Arizona.

Tom Strokes took over leadership of Glo-Quartz in the mid-70s and moved to roll reduced metal heating element range.

A final legacy, Tom launched a new brand name, Heatmax Heaters, in 2020. The new brand name both better represented the wide range of products we make and challenged the common perception that we were quartz heater specialists only.