Our company started out as Glo-Quartz in 1952.

Our founder (seated, far right) named the company after his quartz tube patent, which became the foundation for an extended product line and our business.

While we still sell an expanded product range under our Heatmax Heaters brand, we still sell Glo-Quartz branded products as a tribute to our origins.

Efficient, Non-Contact Heating

Glo-Quartz quartz tube elements transmit infrared heat absorbed directly by targeted objects, making it more energy efficient than convection heating.

Cut to Length

We can quickly and carefully manufacture replacement Quartz Tube Heaters to match your specific dimensions and project requirements.

Faster Response Time

Quartz tube heaters have fast heat up/cool down which gives you more control over exposure making it ideal for heating sensitive materials or for managing frequent line stoppages.


Customizable Specifications


Custom heaters can be supplied with voltages up to 600V.


Heaters be made with any requested wattage within engineering limitations.

Quartz Tube Lengths

8” to 100” (2540mm) lengths available.

Quartz Tube Diameter

3/8” (09.5mm), 1/2`` (12.7mm), and 5/8” (15.9mm)

Quartz Tube Terminals

Plain pin, flag, spade, wire and threaded terminals available.

Expert Assistance Available

Ask a Heatmax sales engineer about your project

We’ve been in business for almost 70 years, and our in-house experts are always available to assist with your next project.

Almost 70 Years

Heatmax History

When it comes to business management theory we’ve proudly gone against the grain, we’ve kept ourselves nimble and self-reliant in an industry full of race-to-the-bottom consolidation and outsourcing.

We take pride in the craftmanship that goes into our products and are committed to living up to the quality mark “made in the USA”. We treat our staff as well as we treat our customers. Proudly employ hard-working people of all backgrounds and support our local community. It’s just right.