Industrial Radiant Panel Heaters

Modular, Portable and Customizable Infrared Radiant Panel Heaters

Engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial process heating. Whether your application is process ovens, lamination, drying, curing, annealing, baking or processing paper, plastics or textiles, Heatmax Heaters’ radiant panel heaters have you covered. Our infrared radiant panel heaters feature reliable and long-lasting incoloy or quartz infrared heating elements, and with a range of customizable sizes, you can count on these radiant panel heaters to meet your process heating needs.
Note: Not suitable for comfort heating.


Features of Our Radiant Panel Heaters

Infrared Radiant Panel Heaters to fit your requirements, including different sizes, materials, and wattage.

Modular Design

Heatmax Radiant Panel Heaters’ modular horizontal design allows easy customization into banks, tunnels or oven sections.


Radiant Panel Heaters can be easily moved to where you need the heat and take up less floor space than furnace operations.

Quartz and Metal Tubular Elements

Panels are fully insulated, pre-wired and designed to facilitate either Glo-Quartz Quartz Tube Heaters or Heatmax Incoloy® Alloy Tubular Heaters.


Lengths and widths custom built to match your zoned heat needs.

Customizable Specifications of Heatmax Infrared Radiant Panel Heaters

Need a non-standard shape, or a replacement for a discontinued infrared radiant panel heater? With 70 years experience in the industry there isn’t much we haven’t built before. Send us a picture or a sketch or a sketch and we can engineer it for you.


Custom heaters can be supplied with voltages up to 600V, 1 or 3 phase.


Radiant panel heaters can be made with any requested wattage within engineering limitations.


Up to 8 feet long modular panels can be made to custom sizes.

Number of Elements

Up to nine elements can be accommodated in our standard radiant panel models.


Highly polished stainless steel.

Technical Drawings

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Heatmax Heaters/Glo-Quartz has been a top manufacturer of custom radiant panel heaters for well over half a century. Our trained engineers produce top-quality heaters that last for years without losing any efficiency. When you need a tough, efficient radiant heating solution you need to talk to the experts, Contact us today for a free quote.

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