Industrial Process Heat Controls

Process heating in any industrial setting is a function that incorporates many different parts. While industrial process heaters (such as immersion heaters) are essential for process heating, process heat control systems are the driving force behind successful production levels. Many industrial-level products rely on precise temperature control to achieve positive results, whether it be for chemical, oil or water processing. Without industrial process heat controls, consistent, controllable heating would not be possible for efficient and sustainable process heating. Industrial process heat controls from Heatmax Heaters are as durable as they are dependable, outfitted with an array of features to give manufacturers accurate control over solutions used in nearly every industry. Keep reading to learn what industrial process heat controls can do for your industry.

Features of Process Heat Controls

We design and engineer our process heat control systems with the necessary features for reliable process heating.

Cost-Effective Operation

Utilizing electric process heaters with effective process heat controls optimizes heat generation and transfer efficiency for your industrial applications, resulting in lower energy usage and higher process quality for reduced operating costs.

Simple Operation

Industrial process electric heater controls are purposefully designed for easy use. Power and reset buttons provide swift accessibility when needed, and pilot lights indicate operational effectiveness.

Single Point of Control

Process electric heaters outfitted with process heat controls allow for enhanced management over system operations for increased efficiency.

Amps, Voltage & Phase

Process heat controls can be optimized for high, medium or low voltage heaters with specific amps, voltage and phase requirements up to 99.6 KW at line.

Probe Material & Size

Choose between stainless steel, titanium and graphite probes with length options up to 18`` for your process heat controls.

Transformer as Required

Transformers can be added to step down the voltage used to power process heat control systems for a safer work environment.

PTFE Sleeved Thermocouple

Add PTFE sleeves to your process heat controls to combat corrosion in chemical solutions.

Applications for Process Heat Controls

TCD industrial process heat controls from Heatmax Heaters are designed to provide accurate control over the temperature of solutions for every industrial application. They can also reset the over-temperature sensor that comes standard with process heating systems such as over-the-side, flanged and screw plug immersion heaters.

LLC-R process heat control systems are designed to de-energize the process heating systems if the liquid levels drop below the heated portion of the heater and prevent destabilization or burning.

With accurate temperature control, electric process heaters can be used in a wide variety of industries, including:


Food Processing



And More

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Industrial process heating systems play an integral role in meeting the manufacturing requirements of industries worldwide. By identifying the best possible process electric heater for the job and understanding how to properly control and maintain heat processing requirements through process heat controls, manufacturers can create successful, long-lasting operations.

By keeping this in mind, the experts at Heatmax Heaters can recommend appropriate process temperature control systems that are simple to maintain, long-lasting and capable of reaching peak levels of application efficiency. With over 70 years of experience, our sales engineers will work with you every step of the way so you can receive maximum benefits from your custom heat process controls. Discover what process heat controls can do for you. Request a quote from Heatmax – your process heating company – today.


Almost 70 Years

Heatmax History

Founded by an ex-Navy engineer, George Strokes, the company got its start making quartz immersion heaters in Euclid, Ohio in 1952.

George called the company Glo-Quartz®.

Growing rapidly he moved the company to bigger premises in Willoughby and then Mentor. Other factories were opened in Pasadena, California (now closed) and then Tucson, Arizona.

Tom Strokes took over leadership of Glo-Quartz in the mid-70s and moved to roll reduced metal heating element range.

A final legacy, Tom launched a new brand name, Heatmax Heaters, in 2020. The new brand name both better represented the wide range of products we make and challenged the common perception that we were quartz heater specialists only.