Customizable Over-the-Side Heaters

Cost-Effective Tank Heating from a Premium Over-the-Side Immersion Heater

If you’re searching for efficient over-the-side heaters for liquid heating needs, look no further than the custom solutions provided by Heatmax Heaters. Manufactured in-house by a team of experienced engineers, our over-the-side immersion heater is built to your specifications to offer heating capabilities that far surpass your expectations. Also known as side-wall or top mount heaters, these tank heaters will mount flush to the side of your liquid storing tank to heat oil, water, acid or alkali solutions.


Features of Our Heatmax Over-the-Side Heaters

Each over-the-side immersion heater is manufactured to fit your specific needs, including size, type of materials used and wattage specifications.

Over-the-Side Heaters Mount to the Top & Side of The Tank

Our over-the-side heaters do not require any tank penetration. Instead, an over-the-side immersion heater is placed at the top of the tank and provides heat along the side.

Over-the-Side Heaters Provide the Flexibility You Need

The design of our over-the-side tank heaters allows you to remove and clean each one without draining the tank. Plus, the low profile of the immersion heater leaves ample working space inside the tank as needed.

Over-the-Side Heaters Are Customizable to Fit Your Space

We make small batches of customized over-the-side tank heaters to meet your exact dimensions and application requirements.

Customizable Specifications for Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters

If you need a non-standard shape or a replacement for a discontinued heater, don’t fret. We’ve manufactured countless heaters over the last 70 years, and with all this time in the industry, there isn’t much we haven’t built before. When you need certain specifications made for your over-the-side immersion heater, Send us a picture and we’ll engineer it for you.


You can order a custom over-the-side immersion heater with up to 600V.

Wattage & Watt Densities

Over-the-side heaters can be customized with numerous wattages or watt density ratings.

Dimensions (Length, Width and Height)

No matter how big or small you need your over-the-side immersion heater to be, the length, height and width of the elements can be built to fit the space you are working with.

Element Sheath Material

Our over-the-side tank heaters come included with elements that are made from standard or special sheath materials. These include copper, titanium, stainless steel, incoloy, hastelloy, incoloy 600, monel, alloy 20, and PTFE teflon.

Element Numbers

An over-the-side immersion heater can be configured with one to 18 elements.

Terminal Boxes

We offer NEMA 1, NEMA 4, NEMA 4/7/9 terminal boxes for each over-the-side immersion heater.

Additional Features

Thermostat, thermocouples and thermowells can be added to your over-the-side immersion heater upon request. Additionally, electro-polish and passivation are available by request.

Technical Drawings

Talk to an Over-the-Side Immersion Heater Specialist

With 70 years of experience in the heating industry, Heatmax Heaters has continuously developed efficient over-the-side heaters for many businesses. Our proficient team is highly skilled at delivering top-notch results with each build. You can count on us to manufacture the best over-the-side immersion heater for you. Contact us today with any questions.

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Almost 70 Years

Heatmax History

Founded by an ex-Navy engineer, George Strokes, the company got its start making quartz immersion heaters in Euclid, Ohio in 1952.

George called the company Glo-Quartz®.

Growing rapidly he moved the company to bigger premises in Willoughby and then Mentor. Other factories were opened in Pasadena, California (now closed) and then Tucson, Arizona.

Tom Strokes took over leadership of Glo-Quartz in the mid-70s and moved to roll reduced metal heating element range.

A final legacy, Tom launched a new brand name, Heatmax Heaters, in 2020. The new brand name both better represented the wide range of products we make and challenged the common perception that we were quartz heater specialists only.