PTFE Immersion Heaters

A Fluoroethylene (PTFE) immersion heater is your ideal solution for heating highly corrosive chemicals while maintaining the integrity of your equipment. Electric immersion heaters are used across various industries to heat different liquid solutions ranging from water to oil. But when dealing with highly corrosive chemicals that will attack any metals they come into contact with and rapidly corrode them, a standard chemical heater is not up to the task. PTFE heaters come sheathed in a highly specialized polytetrafluoroethylene tube capable of resisting the detrimental effects of corrosive solutions while operating at temperatures of up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. At HeatMax Heaters, we’ve engineered the most durable PTFE immersion heaters in the industry to take on the challenge of heating corrosive chemicals with ease. We carefully assemble-to-order a selection of PTFE heaters, such as Over-The-Side Heaters, L-Shaped Tank Heaters, Screw Plug Heaters, Flanged Heaters, and other Tubular options. In addition, we can customize your chemical heater to match your specific tank design and heating needs. Explore our fluoropolymer immersion heater solutions today.

PTFE Immersion Heater Features

Not only does every PTFE immersion heater come complete with high-grade polytetrafluoroethylene for fighting corrosive chemicals – we’ve designed our chemical heaters with the features you want to fit the needs of your industry application.

Quality Assured

Each PTFE heater undergoes extensive testing before it is shipped, including a “Spark Test” which uses electronic transmission to identify any nicks or cuts in the fluoropolymer large enough to allow an electron to pass through it. When you receive your Fluoropolymer heater, you can be sure your heater is in optimal working condition and that your process won't be held up by malfunctioning equipment.


The various design capabilities of our PTFE chemical heaters allow you to find the exact type to meet your specific needs. Choose from one of our six standard selections, or submit a custom design we can engineer for you.


PTFE is one of the most versatile plastics in terms of chemical compatibility and is highly resistant to most acids, alcohols, detergents and solvents, reactive and corrosive chemicals making our PTFE fluoropolymer immersion heaters an excellent choice for a wide range of heating needs.

Customizable Specifications for PTFE Heaters

If you’re not sure if the PTFE immersion heater is the right solution for your desired application, the expert engineers at Heatmax Heaters can create a custom chemical heater for you based on your solution’s chemical SDS, target heat and heat-up time of your corrosive solution. You also may utilize a tank that requires your fluoropolymer immersion heater to be a specific length or design. You can submit a picture or rough sketch of your unique chemical heater design and we can create a custom solution for you.


A customized PTFE immersion heater can allow for voltages up to 600V.

Wattage & Watt Densities

You can design your custom PTFE chemical heater to have a Watt density design of up to 10 W/in2.


To ensure your PTFE immersion heater fits your tank or space, you can choose your desired length, width, height and bend pattern. We make a variety of U-shaped, W-shaped, spiral, pancake and paper clip bends to help you get the wattage you need in the space available.

L-Shaped PTFE Immersion Heaters

L-Shaped PTFE Fluoropolymer immersion heaters are designed for maximum levels of compatibility with most tanks. The L-shaped design delivers heat closer to the bottom of the tank making it a better choice for use in tanks with low liquid levels. With an unheated riser, there is a lesser chance the chemical heater will be exposed to air – which could cause premature burn-out.

Technical Drawings for 3TF, 6TF & 9TF Over-the-Side PTFE Heaters

Technical Drawing for 3TF Over-the-Side PTFE Heater

Technical Drawings for 6TF Over-the-Side PTFE Heater

Technical Drawings for 9TF Over-the-Side PTFE Heater

Find Expert Assistance on a Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Immersion Heater

Talk to a Heatmax sales engineer about the right fluoropolymer immersion heater for your application today. With almost 70 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing top-rated chemical heaters, we’re sure to have the expertise you need to engineer your perfect heating solution. If you want to create a custom PTFE immersion heater, our experts can work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the maximum benefits for your industry. Don’t succumb to the challenge of heating corrosive chemicals – exceed your production capabilities with a custom chemical heater.

Almost 70 Years

Heatmax History

Founded by an ex-Navy engineer, George Strokes, the company got its start making quartz immersion heaters in Euclid, Ohio in 1952.

George called the company Glo-Quartz®.

Growing rapidly he moved the company to bigger premises in Willoughby and then Mentor. Other factories were opened in Pasadena, California (now closed) and then Tucson, Arizona.

Tom Strokes took over leadership of Glo-Quartz in the mid-70s and moved to roll reduced metal heating element range.

A final legacy, Tom launched a new brand name, Heatmax Heaters, in 2020. The new brand name both better represented the wide range of products we make and challenged the common perception that we were quartz heater specialists only.